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Crypto currency news

Crypto currency news

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Crypto domain names

Crypto domain names

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Featured domain names

Bitcoin Scammer.com

BitcoinScammer.com is a great name to provide information about the ponzi schees, coin doubles, virus, and fake exchange sites. It's available at a buy-it-now price of $2,500, or you could try an offer if you don't need an immediate transfer.

Hourly Coin.com

HourlyCoin.com - use this name to start your own faucet, or a price indication site with hourly updates. The BIN price is $95 through the Name Silo market place.

Bitcoin Locations.com

One major problem that affects many Bitcoin users is finding somewhere to buy and use Bitcoin. Bitcoin Locations.com is an obvious name for listing organisations and markets that accept ot pay with Bitcoin. This is agreat name for affiliate promotions, and a help to expand the Bitcoin market place.

Bitcoin Virus.com

There has been a lot of mis-information about Bitcoin viruses, and several false alarms. A new one has been reported recently. Bitcoin Virus.com is a great name to help investors who are concerned with the security of their Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin Cheque.com

There have been a couple of attempts to create Bitcoin cheques, and somebody is going to succeed fairly soon I suspect. Be there to take advantage of this with the domain BitcoinCheque.com.

Bitcoin Latest.com

Use this Bitcoin domain name to provide news and exchange rates for Bitcoin and associated alt coins. - Visit the site to buy the name - Bitcoin Latest.com.

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